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Glasgow Rug Cleaning Specialists

Welcome to our page of recent before and after rug cleaning pictures. Please hover over the images to see what they looked like before we started work on them. I'm sure you will agree, our rug cleaning results are excellent.
white rug cleaning picture rollover
This pictures an oriental style rug that was hand-made from 100% wool and was covered in small spots and stains. We cleaned it using a combination of dry and wet cleaning techniques and employed a number of different specialist cleaning solutions. Here is what our client had to say about the work;
"WOW, I can't believe its the same rug. Great prices and a first class service. I will be using you again."
Mrs Macleod, Alexandria
red rug cleaning rollover picture
This pictures a rug that was another example of a 100% wool, oriental style rug. It was used in a hallway and contained a large amount of dry soil that dulled its appearance and patterning. We treated this rug with chemicals safe for children/pets and revitalised its appearance, almost restoring it to new. Here is what our client thought of our work;
"Quick and efficient, professional approach."
Mrs Holmes, Shawlands
oriential rug cleaning picture
The following pictures were obtained upon cleaning a 100% wool oriental style rug. It had been stored in a garage for over 1 year and was covered in a film of mould. Not only did this dull it's appearance and patterning, but also added a pungent musty odour to the rug. To combat this, we applied a fungicidal deodoriser in combination with a wet cleaning technique to resurrect it's appearance and cure the foul odour. Here is what our client thought of our work;
"I thought that it was ruined, unbelievable result. Thanks Access for saving us a fortune."
Mr Munn, Cumnock
The following pictures further illustrate the amazing results we achieve during rug cleaning using the specialist solutions and techniques we employ at Access Cleaning Solutions. oriential rug cleaning picture oval rug cleaning picture nylon rug cleaning picture

Rug Cleaning Pictures from Glasgow