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Glasgow Upholstery and Leather Cleaning Specialists

Welcome to our collection of the most recent before and after upholstery and leather cleaning pictures. I think you will agree that our work in this area is outstanding, so please hover over the images to see what they looked like before.
footstool cleaning picture rollover
This pictures an Alacantara/Buffalo footstool that was in very poor condition by the time we arrived. It was covered in blue ink and soft drinks, so we employed specialist stain removal solutions and a wet cleaning technique. Not only did we completely remove the staining, but the overall appearance of the stool was restored like new. Here is what our client had to say about our work;
"Excellent service, carpet like new & sofa looking great! Very friendly & professional staff !"
Miss Tausney, Clydebank.
pub upholstery cleaning picture rollover
This pictures an oriental patterned pub upholstery that was coated in a black layer of gum like soiling. We managed to completely remove the staining, brighten up the colours and reveal the intricate patterning. Here is what the owner of the business had to say;
"I am amazed by the excellent results and the carpet and upholstery has came up like new"
Mrs Munn, Glasgow.
red upholstery cleaning picture rollover
This pictures a sofa that was going to be replaced when we suggested a clean as an alternative. The owner believed it was fit for the bin, but using a wet cleaning technique we removed the heavy soiling and restored it like new.
"Amazing results saving me a fortune in replacing my upholstery. Recommended to everyone i know. Many Thanks!"
Mrs Watson, Glasgow.
leather cleaning glasgow
This pictures a pink protected leather suite that had not been cleaned in over 10 years. We gently removed the soil and grease from the leather then applied a finishing cream to restore the colour like new. The leather also regained it's shine a felt silky smooth.
"I forgot how good my leather suite used to look. The colour has came back and it feels like new"
Mrs Baikie, Bishopbriggs.
Upholstery cleaning picture
The cleaning pictures shown opposite detail a cotton and polyester mix fabric from the seat of an arm chair. We cleaned this fabric using a wet cleaning technique to bring alive the floral patterning and restore both the look and feel of the fabric like new. Our client was completely amazed at our results and had this to say;
"Total professionalism and attention to detail. I never expected the chairs to come up like new, even felt tip pen and paint was removed!"
Mrs Connelly, Kelvinside.

Leather and Upholstery Cleaning Pictures from Glasgow