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Welcome to our questions page that details the questions our clients most often ask. If the answer to your question isn't here, then please feel free to contact us
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Questions : Why should i have my carpets cleaned?

There are many reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned regularly. The three most important reasons are;

Damage: Sand and grit brought into your home is sitting at the base of your carpet and damaging the fibres now. Every moment you wait, more damage is being done and shortening the life of your carpet.

Traffic Lanes: Oily residues and pollutants are bonding with the fibres, especially in heavily trafficked areas. These compounds attract dirt and cause oxidative colour changes making the carpet look prematurely aged and worn.

Smell: Your carpet acts as a filter, removing odorous chemicals from the air. Eventually, the filter is full and leaves you and your family to breath the debris, dust-mites, pollens, pollutants, fungus and mould spores, bacteria and a long list of chemicals (carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens). Indeed, your carpet leaves the air smelling stale and unpleasant.

Questions : How long will my carpets take to dry?

This depends on the weather, ventilation and the fibre type of the carpet. We often see synthetic carpets touch dry in 2-4 hours using our wet cleaning technique. On natural fibre carpets such as wool, the drying times are somewhat extended to 4-6 hours. However, if drying times are thought to be a problem, we can employ a low moisture cleaning technique that allows the carpet to dry in under 1 hour.

Questions : Will my carpet shrink?

No. We have never, and will never shrink a carpet. However, some untrained, unqualified operators have the potential to shrink any carpet.

Questions : Do carpets get dirty quickly after they have been cleaned?

We only use crystallizing cleaning agents that retard re soiling and ensure an enduring cleanliness of the flooring. In the past, the chemicals available to clean carpets were not as advanced as those we regularly use. These older style chemicals could accelerate re soiling, but this will not happen if we clean your carpets or upholstery.

Questions : Do I need to move all the furniture?

We move all the heavy items of furniture and only ask our clients to move the valuables. If something is very heavy and never moved, for example a sideboard, the carpet will be clean underneath and there is no point in going to the trouble of moving it. However, if there is a specific need to move even the heaviest of items, we will do it free of charge.

Questions : How long does it take to clean my...?

It can take as little as 30 minutes to clean a carpet depending on the size. However, to complete the thorough cleaning procedure we employ, it can often take over 1 hour. For other items, such as upholstery we often spend 2-3 hours on a 3-piece-suite. This might be much longer than you expect, but to do the job properly this amount of time is required. Rest assured that we take the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly and professionally.

Questions : What cleaning methods do you use?

The cleaning methods we employ depends heavily on the type of item, construction, fibre type and demands of our client. More specifically, we employ the technique that best suits the demands of the item to be cleaned and the client. We have access to no fewer than five different cleaning techniques:

Hot Water Extraction: Also know as steam cleaning, this technique employs the most amount of water and therefore has the longest drying times. However, it is regarded by the industry and us to be the deepest and best cleaning technique. It works by injecting cleaning solutions at high pressure into the item, dislodging and dirt or grease adhered to the fibres. The dirty solution is then rapidly removed under high vacuum leaving the items clean and odour free. We utilise high quality, high powered machines that contain twin vacuum motors to remove as much of the dirt as possible and leave the items as dry as possible.

Dry Foam Shampoo: This technique employs minimal quantities of water and therefore leaves items much dryer than previous methods. It works by agitating each fibre with a specially designed shampoo solution. This coats the fibres and dissolves grease and other oily residues while suspending any soil or dirt. When this is allowed to dry, the shampoo forms crystals that trap any dirt and are easily removed using a high quality vacuum cleaner. This method gives the fibre a luxurious gloss and soft feel while shortening drying times to half that seen in previous techniques.

Bonnet Cleaning: This cleaning technique uses very small quantities of water and allows carpets to be dry in under 1 hour. It works by first applying a specialist cleaning solution to the area and mechanically agitating the fibres to allow maximum penetration of the cleaning agents. The area is then rinsed using a specially designed pad that absorbs the dirt and grease, leaving the area clean and dry. The drying times achieved when using this technique are so short, we have cleaned a restaurant carpet between dinner services!

Dry Cleaning: This cleaning method is the same as that utilised when dry cleaning clothing. It works by utilising a chlorinated solvent instead of water and we often employ this technique on oriental rugs that are unstable to water. The solvent mixtures dislodge and dirt or grease adhered to the fibres and leave items clean and restored. Chlorinated solvents, although not flammable, pose a significant health and safety hazard and specialist breathing apparatus is used when dry cleaning items. In light of this, we tend to only undertake dry cleaning work off-site to pose minimal disruption and risk to our client. However, this cleaning method technically requires no drying times but we do ensure that all solvent is safely and completely removed before retuning the items to our clients.

Dry Compound Cleaning
: This method employs no water and has very fast drying times of around 15-20 minutes. It utilises a solid compound that is impregnated with solvent and cleaning agents. The compound is mechanically agitated into the fibres and removes any grease adhered to the fibre. As the solvent evaporates, the dirt and grit is attracted to the compound, forming easily removed particles. By using a high powered vacuum cleaner, the particles of dirt and grit can be removed to leave a clean and refreshed item in a short space of time.

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Questions : Are your chemicals safe for pets and children?

All the specialist cleaning solutions we use leave the items safe for both pets and children. Often we utilise food grade chemicals that are safe for human consumption, however we don't recommend that you eat or drink our cleaning solutions. Joking aside, we regularly use phosphate derived cleaning agents that are commonly found in foods and can be eaten safely. Moreover, when we use chemicals of this nature a water-only rinse cycle ensures only traces of the cleaning chemicals are left on your furnishings.

Questions : How long does it take to make an appointment?

It takes only 2 minutes of your time to make an appointment as all we need are your details and those of the items to be cleaned. Appointments can always be made within 2 days of your enquiry and both day and evening appointments are available for your convenience. All of our quotations are valid for 30 days and are without obligation. Contact us to book your free carpet and upholstery survey.

Questions : Do you work out of hours or at the weekend?

Yes, we work out of hours and at the weekends. So if your business or home requires our services at an unusual time or at the weekend, we will not charge you any extra for the service.

Questions : How much does it cost to clean my...?

This question can only be answered by closely inspecting the item to be cleaned. We require detailed information on the construction, fibre type and dye stability of the items before we can give a costing of our work. We specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning and have access to a broad range of cleaning techniques and solutions. Each of these carries a different costing and therefore, until we assess the suitability of your items to each method, we cannot give a costing of our work. Rest assured that we are a thorough and professional cleaning company and our prices are often cheaper than other companies in our sector.

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