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We serve Glasgow and throughout West Central Scotland for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and rug cleaning.

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Whatever the business you’re in, we provide a tailor-made service to suit your needs. You will be provided with the very best and professional cleaning service, guaranteed.

See the list of commercial clients we have recently worked for and you will see the first class and reliable service we are providing the businesses in Glasgow.

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Professional cleaning of all types of continuous and tiled carpets. We provide a cost-effective and professional service that is guaranteed to cause no disruption to your business. We often employ a cleaning technique that allows complete dryness in under 1 hour and allows us to guarantee dryness for the opening of your business. So you don’t have to worry about closing early or opening late as this technique achieves great results with minimal disruption. For further details of this service, please contact us.


Professional upholstery cleaning of all types of fibre and construction. We offer low moisture and deep cleaning techniques on all styles of office, pub, restaurant and domestic upholstery including leather. We have access to a vast array of cleaning solutions that allow us to efficiently clean high numbers of items at minimal cost. For further details of this service and details of our current upholstery savings, please contact us.


We offer commercial rug cleaning services of all types of rugs and is undertaken off-site to allow drying under controlled conditions. This allows us to provide a convenient service for your business and all prices include collection and delivery. We guarantee the delivery time of your rug and ensure no disruption to your business. We include a detailed report of the work undertaken on your rug and always achieve the very best results. We clean all types of fibre type including the most delicate of oriental rugs. We regularly clean chinese, indian, turkish and other types of oriental and persian rugs by employing a combination of dry, low moisture and wet cleaning techniques. We have access to a wide variety of cleaning solutions that allow us to to work effectively on all types of natural and synthetic rugs. For further details of this commercial service please contact us.


Mattress cleaning of all types and sizes to the highest professional standards is available. We employ a deep cleaning technique that removes most allergens including dust mites and skin residues. This highly professional service is often included for free when purchasing our other cleaning services.


We offer stain protection of new and used furnishings is provided to guard against soiling and staining for up to 5 years. We provide the very latest in chemical stain barriers to guard against oil and water based stains. If you have just purchased a new carpet or soft furnishing and are worried about staining, then we can provide a cost effective and professional service for you. Alternatively, if you have had trouble with staining or soiling in the past and feel that your furnishings need cleaned too often, then we can help maintain the appearance for you. These fluorochemical sealants offer the very best in stain and soil resistance without odour or texture change in the fibres. Guard the cleanliness of your furnishings now and don’t regret it later!


Landlords are offered very specific cleaning packages that allow a rapid refreshment of their vacant properties. We offer a full cleaning service of properties including Carpet, Upholstery, Curtain and Mattress cleaning as well as the individual rooms. We clean every square inch of the property quickly and efficiently and provide detailed reports of the premises and works undertaken. This can be achieved at a fixed price and includes collection and delivery of the keys. For further details of the landlord cleaning package, please contact us.